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OpenBSD is not just about security. It is about Open Source Software that is free for anyone to use. Keep in mind that not all Open Source software is free. OpenBSD and any software that is distributed with OpenBSD is free and if not more important, it is a relatively un-encumbered Unix source distribution. As such, OpenBSD strives to maintain the spirit of the original Berkeley Unix copyrights.

The whole IT industry seems to be all about "lock-in". Software companies market their products as the best thing since sliced bread. You buy their expensive proprietary software or operating system or more specifically the license to use them and then you pay for the support of that product. Then it comes time to upgrade. Do you upgrade or move to an alternative vendor? You have already made the investment of time and money into one product. Switching is never an easy decision to make. The vendors understand this very well and they know that most users rarely switch due to the costs and pains involved. This is what lock-in is all about and it is not in your company's best interest to get trapped like this.

We will help you migrate away from these commercial products if and where it is most appropriate. This would be a significant step toward reducing your IT expenditures and overhead. Furthermore, all of our open source solutions can be easily integrated into your existing network environment so there are no interoperability issues. You'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

There is one more thing you should be aware of. You will never have to worry about patent infringement when you use OpenBSD, unlike Linux and other alternative Open Source Operating Systems and software. The OpenBSD team and their related projects are deeply committed to making OpenBSD clean and free of any bad licenses. It is free for you to use for any reason, commercial or otherwise, so long as you respect OpenBSD's copyright policy.
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